Cold War (2018) 1080p YIFY Movie

Cold War (2018) 1080p

Zimna wojna is a movie starring Joanna Kulig, Tomasz Kot, and Borys Szyc. A passionate love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, who are fatefully mismatched, set against the background of the Cold War...

IMDB: 7.93 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Music
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.41G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 39 / 331

The Synopsis for Cold War (2018) 1080p

A passionate love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, who are fatefully mismatched and yet condemned to each other. Set against the background of the Cold War in the 1950s in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris, the film depicts an impossible love story in impossible times.

The Director and Players for Cold War (2018) 1080p

[Director]Pawel Pawlikowski
[Role:]Agata Kulesza
[Role:]Borys Szyc
[Role:]Tomasz Kot
[Role:]Joanna Kulig

The Reviews for Cold War (2018) 1080p

Beautifully Made Drama from PolandReviewed bybastille-852-731547Vote: 8/10

This superbly shot and acted black-and-white drama from Poland is a worthy film from Pawel Pawlikowski. It doesn't quite live up to his outstanding previous film "Ida," but it comes close. Like "Ida," this film runs a fleeting 90 minutes and is shot in black and white using simple (but gorgeous) cinematography. For a film of such short runtime, "Cold War" is deeply ambitious, and for the most part, the ambition pays off. It is set over a considerable period of time both inside and outside of the Iron Curtain, and centers on a love story between a man and his student who meet at a state-run music academy in communist Poland.

The film's use of a variety of filmmaking techniques to depict the history and culture of postwar Europe through using historical context is outstanding. The simple and very powerful music is beautiful, as is every key shot in black-and-white. The two leads both give excellent performances, mixing desire for purpose in life with an intense feeling of passion that is prevalent among ambitious individuals in the era. Some of these strengths in the movie are even combined together to excellent results, such as a chilling scene when young women from the state music academy sing songs pledging absolute loyalty to Stalin on stage in performance. The juxtaposition of the different scenes in the movie is also done very well, as each scene simply cuts to black before the next major scene (set in a different region or area of Europe) begins. The only real complaint I have about this film is that while I really appreciated the ending for the most part, the tone of the film's finale felt slightly anti-climactic. Otherwise, this is a gem. Gladly recommended. 8/10

Its just OK. Don't fall into the trap of "4:3 ratio + BW = amazing" like the director wants you toReviewed byrabbitmoonVote: 5/10

Pawel Pawlikowski was so flimsy and uncertain during the making of his "The Woman in the Fifth" (Ethan Hawke, 5.4 on IMDB) that the film ended up a huge commercial fail. It seems he's then continued his run of 85ish minute films by sticking to very simple stories told in frosty black and white and the 4:3 ratio. Why, they must be incredible arthouse films! Well, no.

This is not Kieslowski or Tarkovsky. There is no greater meaning or depth to be unpicked from a frame. The more you look, the more annoyingly shallow and superficial the film feels, like its been carefully constructed to hit enough notes to look like a worthy film. You can almost feel the director thinking "how can I shoehorn in a smoky jazz scene?" then "how can I shoehorn in some rock'n'roll dancing?" but there's precious little relevance to such scenes.

Its not a bad film. Its often nice to look at, and its fairly engaging (although it abruptly throws you out of a scene with the episodic 'jump ahead a few years' structure, when you don't feel like the scene you just saw was particularly relevant or substantial).

But what's the point? Love can't be stopped? Obsession transcends time and circumstance? Please. It gets to a point where it stops being relatable and never approaches the level of emotional maturity or intelligence that it pretends. I just don't trust or think that the director really has a clue what he's doing, and is simply throwing a lot of stuff at the wall in the hope that it 'looks' like a film. But its not more than the sum of its parts - the closer you look, the emptier it becomes.

Mad Romance, I don't get itReviewed byarunothiaVote: 7/10

I don't really see such a romance as love, so I can't make myself love this film. That said, the film is beautifully directed, showing a lot of pollish/french culture and art. It's great for a one time watch!

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